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Company history and description of the company Technofix in Nuremberg, Germany

1922, the GmbH was founded by the brothers Georg and Johann Einfalt in Nuremberg. Mr. Heussinger joined as a partner. Production began with an air game. The frist articles received the number 100. The largest part of the production went abroad. The product range was changed gradually to mechanical products.
1925 Heussinger diedand Ernst Pretzfelder took over the shares until 1938 when he was paid and emigrated to America.
From 1946 he was employed under his new name Ernst Fields and got back his ancient rights and died 1955.
In 1926 the KIT COSMOS came on the market.
1928 Johann Einfalt left the company .
in 1930 they produces clockworks by themselves. The meticulous production of parts led to high longevity of the running and movements and thus to the good reputation of the company .
During the Second World War gas mask filters were prepared . The toys in 1945 were exclusively produced for the Hdqs . Prepared Third U.S. Army Exchange Service, Procurment Officer Munich
. 1978 Alfred Einfalt the eldest son of Georg put to rest, the production was stopped and the machines and tools sold.


ab 1945
ab 1945

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